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Tamara Beauzile the Athlete

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Tamara Beauzile is a retired police officer with a successful career behind her. But she was not always arresting criminals and keeping her community safe. Before she became a police officer, she was an accomplished athlete at John Jay College from September of 1988 until 1992.

A three-sport athlete, Tamara excelled at basketball, softball, and tennis while she worked towards her degree in criminal justice. No matter the season, Tamara always kept herself busy with some athletic endeavor, and more often than not, she won.


As a member of the John Jay College women’s basketball team, she helped her team to three championships of the Hudson Valley Conference. Her team also won the CUNY championship for the 1991-92 basketball season, which was Tamara’s senior year. They also won the John Jay tournament and Tamara was voted the most outstanding player of the entire tournament.

Tamara’s teams, due in large part to her help, also dominated in softball while she was there. Twice John Jay College won the Hudson Valley Championship while Tamara played, and both times she was named the tournament’s most outstanding player.

Tamara Beauzile appreciates the role sports have played in her life. While fulfilling to play on their own, they also gave her a chance to get an education and also taught her many important lessons she would use through her career as a police officer. Tamara will always look back on her athletic days in college with fondness.

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